Antiroom I

Antiroom is a self-built pavilion by Elena Chiavi, Karl Ebejer, Matteo Goldoni

made with students from different european countries

during the workshop EASA 2014 Symbioza

in Veliko Tarnovo (Bulgaria)




The creation of an exterior space,
which connects natural
and physical elements together.



Antiroom is the representation of a basic existence,
a basic structure, a basic encounter of forces.




The constructed void opens itself to the sky and the stars.




It is a primordial amphitheater,
which naturally implants itself in the forest.




The modular repetition of constructive elements
makes it dynamic and infinitively reproducible.




The single color dematerialize the room
and creates a mystical unitary space
which complements itself with the green of the forest.




Wind will blow and will give life to the structure,
the doors will dance,
the Antiroom will breathe.










In its eternity the space will become timeless
beyond any definite style.




Inside its space ideas will be exchanged,
people will dance, play roles, sing, sleep
or simply express their unity with the primordial world.




Antiroom is the stage for all symbioses.





“It is true that I do not leave my house, but it is also true that its doors (which are infinite in number) are open day and night to man and animal alike. Anyone who wishes may enter. One will not find feminine extravagance here, nor gallant courtly ritual, just quiet and solitude. Here one will find a house like no other on the face of the Earth. (They who declare that in Egypt exists another similar are lying). Even my detractors admit that there is not a single piece of furniture in the house. Another ridiculous tale claims that I, Asterion, am a prisoner. Need I repeat that there are no closed doors? Should I add that there are no locks?”

The House of Asterion,
Jorge Luis Borges







Elena Chiavi
Karl Ebejer
Matteo Goldoni

Felicity Barbur
Clara Blasius
Shota Darchia
Matteo de Francesco
Felix Lederberger
Sorcha Maguire
Eoghan Mckendry
Agathe Mignon
Levan Tavadze
Maria Passarelli
Katarzyna Plonka
Roos Pulskens
Rob Scott
Nicolas van Drunen
Istvan Ulmann
Eva de Bruyn
Naima Callenberg
Sophie Devriendt
Laura Dietsch
Filippo Dozzi
Ahmad el Mad
Robert Mannion

EASA Bulgaria

Alexandra Kononchenko

Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

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